About Us

Southern States Gymnastics Academy is North Alabama’s premier gymnastics facility that provides a complete competitive USAG Gymnastics Program for women’s and men’s gymnastics.

Established in 1989, SSGA was founded by head coach & former gymnast Deborah Santos. Debbie’s vision was to create a positive, fun, and affordable learning environment for children and families throughout North Alabama. In August 2008, SSGA moved to its new, world-class facility, and Debbie’s Diamonds (as her gymnasts are often referred to) shine brighter than ever!

Our Mission

SSGA’s mission is to challenge young athletes while building their confidence and self-esteem. Gymnastics is an excellent vehicle for developing fitness, character, self-confidence, and goal setting. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality instruction at every level of ability.

With the help of family and staff, Southern States Gymnastics Academy provides THE BEST quality gymnastics training. Our award-winning organization is home to many champions – in the classroom, in gymnastics, and, most importantly, in life!

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect

Gymnasts place their trust and confidence in us because we adhere to the highest standards of integrity while coaching.  We respect their athleticism and always seek to honor the goals these women set for themselves.


Integrity demands sound moral principles, honesty, sincerity, and candor.  


No one can excel in gymnastics without bravery. Courage enables our children to push past any perceived limitations to achieve challenging goals.


Passion is indispensable in gymnastics.  When our bodies and minds are weary, passion drives us to new energy levels.  We thrive because we have a contagious passion – for the sport and for our teammates’ success.