• Level 1, 2, and 3 – Routines

    You may download your competitive routines by clicking on the links below. USAG Routines – Level 1 USAG Routines – Level 2 USAG Routines – Level 3

  • Level 1 Beam – Tutorial

    Take a look at our Level 1 Beam Tutorial starring Coach Sam. SSGA – Level 1 Beam Tutorial To see a brief demo of the Level 1 Lever and Dismount, take a look at gymnast, Hannah Riddle. SSGA – Level 1 – Hannah Beam

  • Level 1 Floor Tutorial

    Need help learning the Level 1 Floor routine?  Coach Samantha (AKA “Sam”) is at your service!  Her gymnast days may be over, but we gotta say… “Coach, you’ve still got it!” Click Here:  Level 1 Floor Tutorial Was our tutorial helpful?  If so, please share it and like us on Facebook!

  • Gymnastics Basics – Backbend

    Welcome to our blog!  We hope to see you back for more tips, tutorials, and other interesting content. The backbend (AKA the bridge) is a fundamental skill in gymnastics. In fact, it’s a building block for more advanced skills to come. Check out our 45 second tutorial. Good luck! Backbend Tips: Squeeze feet and legs […]